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Archive for March 2019

New York City Event for When the Irish Invaded Canada

Did you know that after the Civil War an Irish-American army attacked Canada with the plan of holding it hostage and ransoming it for Ireland’s independence? It’s no blarney. The self-proclaimed Irish Republican Army invaded Canada not just once, but five times between 1866 and 1871 in what are known collectively as the Fenian Raids.…

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The Road to Now Podcast

I had the pleasure of talking with Ben Sawyer and Bob Crawford about WHEN THE IRISH INVADED CANADA for their great history podcast, The Road to Now. We talked about the background to the Fenian Raids and the first major attack on Canada by the self-proclaimed Irish Republican Army in June 1866. The Road to…

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When the Irish Invaded Canada Publicity

Off and running with the book tour and publicity for this week’s release of WHEN THE IRISH INVADED CANADA. The one comment I’ve been hearing over and over again is that people have never heard of this story before, so I’m happy to be dredging back up this piece of forgotten history. Helping to get…

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When the Irish Invaded Canada Book Talk

Last week I had the pleasure of kicking off my speaking tour for When the Irish Invaded Canada at the Lawrence Heritage State Park as part of Irish Heritage Month in the city of Lawrence, Massachusetts. It was an apt location because New England mill cities, which had large Irish populations during the Civil War…

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Happy Book Birthday!

Very excited that When the Irish Invaded Canada is now hitting the shelves of bookstores and libraries across the country. I just came back from my local bookstore and it was a thrill to see the book out in the wild. If you’d like to get a flavor for the true story of the Civil…

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Boston Irish Reporter Review

The March edition of the Boston Irish Reporter has a wonderful review of When the Irish Invaded Canada by Peter Stevens, who called the book “A Fenian Fiasco Brilliantly Told.” Stevens writes, “Christopher Klein’s new book is a must-read for all with even a passing interest in Irish America, Ireland, and the Civil War. His…

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