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In addition to my four books, I have written hundreds of articles about history, travel, and sports. I am a regular contributor to, the web site of the History Channel, where I have covered everything from Harvard’s secret colonial-era body-snatching club to the surprisingly real history of Chef Boy-Ar-Dee. I have also written for the Boston GlobeNew York TimesNational Geographic TravelerHarvard MagazineRed Sox MagazinePreservationMental FlossB MagazineThe DailyThe Boston PhoenixGOAAA HorizonsThe Patriot LedgerSt. Petersburg TimesNew England TravelJSTOR DailyPublic Domain Review,,,,, and Below is some of my work.

6 People Who Made Big Money During the Great Depression

READ (, April 28, 2021)

How America's Aviation Industry Got Its Start Transporting Mail

READ (, April 12, 2021)

Chocolate’s Sweet History: From Elite Treat to Food for the Masses

READ (, January 22, 2021)

Josephine Baker's Daring Double Life as a World War II Spy

READ (, March 15, 2021)

Why Labor Unions Declined in the 1920s

READ (, February 18, 2021)

Was Andover Nurse a Serial Poisoner?

READ (Andover Townsman, February 11, 2021)

The 1919 Murder Trial That Gripped Andover

READ (Andover Townsman, February 18, 2021)

How Gilded Age Corruption Led to the Progressive Era

READ (, February 4, 2021)

Why FDR's Fourth Presidential Inauguration Lasted Only 15 Minutes

READ (, January 14, 2021)

Why Did the Pilgrims Come to America?

READ (, November 13, 2020)

Inside John Wilkes Booth's Famous Family

READ (, October 27, 2020)

How a Rogue Navy of Private Ships Helped Win the American Revolution

READ (, September 10, 2020)

When the US Government Tried to Fast-Track a Flu Vaccine

READ (, September 3, 2020)

5 Times Hurricanes Changed History

READ (, August 14, 2020)

How Did World War II End?

READ (, August 11, 2020)

How Teddy Roosevelt's Belief in a Racial Hierarchy Shaped His Policies

READ (, August 11, 2020)

Anti-Slavery Fight Roiled Andover Campus

READ (Andover Townsman, July 23, 2020)

In 1835, Anti-Slavery Fight Came to Andover

READ (Andover Townsman, July 16, 2020)

How Abraham Lincoln Used the Telegraph to Help Win the Civil War

READ (, July 9, 2020)

Alexander Hamilton's Complicated Relationship to Slavery

READ (, July 8, 2020)

How the 'Big Three' Teed Up the Cold War at the 1945 Yalta Conference

READ (, June 25, 2020)

When Biosphere 2 Became a Grand Experiment in Self-Isolation

READ (, May 12, 2020)

Bankrupt and Dying from Cancer, Ulysses S. Grant Waged His Greatest Battle

READ (, May 8, 2020)

How Nixon’s Presidency Became Increasingly Erratic After Kent State

READ (, May 4, 2020)

When a US Hospital Ship Was Attacked by a Kamikaze Pilot During WWII

READ (, May 1, 2020)

How Lincoln and Grant's Partnership Won the Civil War

READ (, May 1, 2020)

Steps Leading to the Fall of Saigon—And the Final, Chaotic Airlifts

READ (, April 30, 2020)

How Pandemics Spurred Cities to Make More Green Space for People

READ (, April 27, 2020)

When America Voted for a "Return to Normalcy"

READ (, April 9, 2020)

Why John Adams Defended British Soldiers in the Boston Massacre Trials

READ (, April 2, 2020)

How America Struggled to Bury the Dead During the 1918 Flu Pandemic

READ (, February 12, 2020)

The Martin Luther King Comic Book That Inspired Generations of Civil Rights Activists

READ (, February 7, 2020)

How the Gilded Age's Top 1 Percent Thrived on Corruption

READ (, January 27, 2020)

Why John Tyler May Be the Most Reviled U.S. President Ever

READ (, January 16, 2020)

11 Key People Who Shaped George Washington's Life

READ (, December 10, 2019)

Filipino Americans Fought With U.S. in WWII, Then Had to Fight for Veterans Benefits

READ (, November 11, 2019)

How Native Americans Struggled to Survive on the Trail of Tears

READ (, November 7, 2019)

The United States Began Protecting Whistleblowers in 1777

READ (, September 26, 2019)

How Did Food Stamps Begin?

READ (, August 27, 2019)

John O’Neill & the Fenian Raids into Canada

READ (Irish in the American Civil War, August 5, 2019)

Andrew Carnegie Claimed to Support Unions, But Then Destroyed Them in His Steel Empire

READ (, July 29, 2019)

Construction of the Brooklyn Bridge Took 14 Years—And Multiple Lives

READ (, July 16, 2019)

An Irish-American invasion sparked Canada’s birth

READ (The Globe and Mail, July 1, 2019)

5 Undersung Moments in History You Probably Didn’t Learn About in Class

READ (, June 7, 2019)

How Much Did the First-Ever Social Security Check Pay Out?

READ (, May 14, 2019)

Why the Bay of Pigs Invasion Went So Wrong

READ (, May 6, 2019)

The Epic Motorcycle Trip That Turned Che Guevara Into a Revolutionary

READ (, May 2, 2019)

Mobster Al Capone Ran a Soup Kitchen During the Great Depression

READ (, April 5, 2019)

When Irish-Americans Attacked Canada—With the White House's Blessing

READ (, March 14, 2019)

How St. Patrick's Day Was Made in America

READ (, March 12, 2019) 

The Fenian Raids — How an Army of Irish-American Civil War Vets Took On the British Empire

READ (Military History Now, March 14, 2019)

An Irish-American Army Invaded Canada in 1866. Here's What Happened

READ (, March 12, 2019)

St Patrick: Kidnapped by Pirates and Enslaved at 16

READ (, March 13, 2019)

Why Did Pontius Pilate Have Jesus Executed?

READ (, March 6, 2019) 

Before FDR, Herbert Hoover Tried His Own 'New Deal'

READ (, February 28, 2019)

The Bible Says Jesus Was Real. What Other Proof Exists?

READ (, February 26, 2019)

When a Horse Raced Against a Locomotive During the Industrial Revolution

READ (, February 26, 2019)

Did Investors Really Jump Out of Windows After the 1929 Stock Market Crash?

READ (, February 25, 2019)

How Economic Turmoil After WWI Led to the Great Depression

READ (, February 12, 2019)

The Lawless Border With Canada Was Once America's Main Security Concern

READ (, February 6, 2019)

Coldest. Month. Ever.

READ (, January 30, 2019)

See All The Crafty Ways Americans Hid Alcohol During Prohibition

READ  (, January 16, 2019)

How an Assassination Attempt Affirmed MLK’s Faith in Nonviolence

 READ (, January 15, 2019)

The Spies Who Launched America’s Industrial Revolution

 READ (, January 10, 2019)

The Original Luddites Raged Against the Machine of the Industrial Revolution

 READ (, January 4, 2019)

How Japan’s Kamikaze Attacks Went From Last Resort at Pearl Harbor to WWII Strategy

READ (, December 5, 2018)

How Blackbeard Lost His Head in a Bloody, Sword-Swinging Battle

READ (, November 20, 2018)