Christopher's Articles:

In addition to my four books, I have written hundreds of articles about history, travel, and sports. I am a regular contributor to, the web site of the History Channel, where I have covered everything from Harvard’s secret colonial-era body-snatching club to the surprisingly real history of Chef Boy-Ar-Dee. I have also written for the Boston GlobeNew York TimesNational Geographic TravelerHarvard MagazineRed Sox MagazinePreservationMental FlossB MagazineThe DailyThe Boston PhoenixGOAAA HorizonsThe Patriot LedgerSt. Petersburg TimesNew England TravelJSTOR DailyPublic Domain Review,,,,, and Below is some of my work.

The Lawless Border With Canada Was Once America's Main Security Concern

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How Economic Turmoil After WWI Led to the Great Depression

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Coldest. Month. Ever.

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See All The Crafty Ways Americans Hid Alcohol During Prohibition

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How an Assassination Attempt Affirmed MLK’s Faith in Nonviolence

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The Spies Who Launched America’s Industrial Revolution

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The Original Luddites Raged Against the Machine of the Industrial Revolution

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How Japan’s Kamikaze Attacks Went From Last Resort at Pearl Harbor to WWII Strategy

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How Blackbeard Lost His Head in a Bloody, Sword-Swinging Battle

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