What drove an Irish American army to attack Canada five times after the end of the Civil War?

Was this some whiskey-fueled daydream or a serious military operation?

How did this band of revolutionaries change history forever?

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Christopher Klein is an author and freelance writer specializing in history. He writes stories about the past that inform us about the present and guide us to the future. A frequent contributor to History.com, he is the author of four books including When the Irish Invaded Canada.

About When the Irish Invaded Canada

When the Irish Invaded Canada is the outlandish, untold story of the Irish American revolutionaries who undertook one of the most fantastical missions in military history—to hold the British province of Canada hostage and ransom it for Ireland’s independence.

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When the Irish Invaded Canada
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"[This] book should be pressed into the hands of any would-be insurrectionist looking for tips on how not to overthrow a tyrant.”

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June 17, 2019

Great to see the Wall Street Journal publish a review of WHEN THE IRISH INVADED CANADA on page A15 in the June 17, 2019, print edition. “Mr. Klein is keen to celebrate the idealistic Fenians…

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