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Christopher Klein is an author and freelance writer specializing in history. He writes stories about the past that inform us about the present and guide us to the future. A frequent contributor to History.com, he is the author of four books including When the Irish Invaded Canada.

About When the Irish Invaded Canada

When the Irish Invaded Canada is the outlandish, untold story of the Irish American revolutionaries who undertook one of the most fantastical missions in military history—to hold the British province of Canada hostage and ransom it for Ireland’s independence.

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January 27, 2020

How the Gilded Age's Top 1 Percent Thrived on Corruption


As the United States grew into the world’s leading industrial power during the late 1800s, corporate titans could buy anything they wanted—including politicians.

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When the Irish Invaded Canada
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"Klein has burrowed deep into the historical record and his vivid, engrossing storytelling brings to life the raids as well as the eccentric characters behind them."

The Irish Times

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