Wall Street Journal Review

Great to see the Wall Street Journal publish a review of WHEN THE IRISH INVADED CANADA on page A15 in the June 17, 2019, print edition. “Mr. Klein is keen to celebrate the idealistic Fenians with their audacious dreams of national liberation, but he doesn’t fail to catalog the foolhardiness of their endeavors. His book…

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The Battle of Ridgeway

A little more than 24 hours after leading an invasion of Canada with an Irish-American army, John O’Neill could see the enemy approaching. From his perch atop a limestone ridge outside the village of Ridgeway, Ontario, O’Neill could see an army three times the size of his marching in their direction. Although outnumbered, O’Neill’s Fenian…

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The Irish-American Army That Attacked Canada from Buffalo

Thirteen months after Robert E. Lee laid down his sword at Appomattox Court House, former Confederate rebels slipped on their gray wool jackets. Union veterans longing to emancipate an oppressed people donned their blue kepis. Battle-hardened warriors from both the North and the South returned to the front lines, but not to reignite the Civil…

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The Battle of Eccles Hill

With the golden sunlight glimmering on their bayonets and the soft Vermont breezes tickling their green silk battle flag, the self-proclaimed Irish Republican Army marched off to war on the morning of May 25, 1870. Stopping on a country road outside a brick farmhouse just yards from his intended target, General John O’Neill ordered his…

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May 2019 Issue of The Throwback

My monthly e-newsletter, The Throwback, is filled with history stories that will make you say “Wait? What?” Click here to read this month’s edition, in which I discuss the early dominance of African-American jockeys at the Kentucky Derby, Conan O’Brien’s obsession with biographer Robert Caro, and the time Donald Trump foreshadowed his border wall payment…

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The Attack on Canada from a Vermont Farm

Ever hear that story of Wilmer McLean? It was said the Civil War started in his front yard and ended in his front parlor. He abandoned his house after it was damaged in the Battle of Bull Run and moved to quieter pastures–in Appomattox–only to find his front parlor taken over in April 1865 so…

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Honors Sought for Battle of Ridgeway Soldiers

In WHEN THE IRISH INVADED CANADA I write about the Fenian Raids from the perspective of the Irish-Americans who carried out the attacks on Canada. From the perspective of those Canadians who died defending their territory, kudos to Peter Vronsky, who wrote a book on the Battle of Ridgeway, and Dan Stepaniuk who are fighting for…

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New York City Event for When the Irish Invaded Canada

Did you know that after the Civil War an Irish-American army attacked Canada with the plan of holding it hostage and ransoming it for Ireland’s independence? It’s no blarney. The self-proclaimed Irish Republican Army invaded Canada not just once, but five times between 1866 and 1871 in what are known collectively as the Fenian Raids.…

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The Road to Now Podcast

I had the pleasure of talking with Ben Sawyer and Bob Crawford about WHEN THE IRISH INVADED CANADA for their great history podcast, The Road to Now. We talked about the background to the Fenian Raids and the first major attack on Canada by the self-proclaimed Irish Republican Army in June 1866. The Road to…

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